Our members are intentional and extraordinary human beings who deeply care about the impact of their private capital and personal resources on the world. They are deeply curious about how to align their purpose and values with their intentions and actions.

Our members understand at a deep level that this is both the next frontier and opportunity in investing: how to intentionally mobilize capital to maximise total integrated value.

You are an authentically-driven human who is passionate about manifesting with full alignment of purpose, intention and action. You are yearning to grow into your most authentic self and to manifest that leadership in all areas of your life namely as an investor, business leader, parent and human.

You are finding the traditional financial paradigm limiting and unfit for the real purpose of capital. You are keen to explore an inclusive and impact-driven investing paradigm which would better reflect who you truly are as a person. You realise that the case for impact investing has been made already with impact investments delivering market returns. You would like to explore how private capital can be used to reflect your purpose and values.

You are looking for a community of like-minded humans and peers who are keen to explore a wholesome, purpose-driven way of being and manifesting in the world alongside you, who can support you in your impact journey and who can be your unique network of invaluable resources along the way.

The Intention Impact Club is a purpose-led community of humans who are also investors, leaders and human beings who embrace conscious investing.

The Intention Impact Club is designed with four foundational pillars for the impact investing journey. These are:


Structure and accountability to set your impact investing intention and feel empowered as you proactively transition your resources towards impact


Get access to curated resources including impact investing masterclasses with carefully selected global practitioners and thought leaders


Get personal and community led encouragement and engagement to deepen insights and think through specific steps to transition resources to impact and alignment


Get access to like-minded peers across the world who care deeply about manifesting with alignment of intention, purpose and conscious choices

Our members enjoy being part of a supportive global community of like-minded conscious investors who fully understand that we are constantly co-creating our world and our future through our personal choices and that our investment choices are an important part of that co-creation.