A vibrant and engaged global community who is intentionally and consciously co-creating a regenerative and inclusive world.

Educational Experiences

The Intention Impact Club provides an array of curated educational experiences conveniently conducted via Zoom so you can access them from wherever you are in the world. Our events range from Masterclasses on specific impact topics to our intentionally designed 12-week online signature programme to get you started on your journey to impact and alignment as well as weekly webinars and online community meetups.

Global Community

Having access to a community of like-minded wholehearted individuals can be transformative in your journey to educate and empower yourself to make impactful investment choices and beyond. Our vibrant global online community is deeply supportive of each other’s growth and learning as well as an incredible source of insights, knowledge, thought leadership and access to a curated network of thoughtful leaders in impact investing and beyond.

Interactive Learning Platform

Our private learning platform provides a safe space for our members to connect and share and continually foster and support each other’s growth. We collaborate with a carefully selected group of impact and conscious investing practitioners to develop curated investment masterclasses to deepen our members’ knowledge and understanding of the investment landscape and empower them to actively engage in making investment choices that are aligned with their values.

Collaborative Engagement

One of the advantages of being a community of like-minded peers is the ability to engage thoughtfully and collaboratively as an empowered collective with impact investing pioneers and thought leaders and provide meaningful feedback regarding current tools and solutions as well as our aspirations for the impact we wish to create with our capital. We have curated a bespoke iterative collaboration process that allows for a better understanding and communication of our requirements as investors and ultimately to the co-creation of a more regenerative and sustainable world.

Our members enjoy being part of a supportive global community of like-minded conscious investors who fully understand that we are constantly co-creating our world and our future through our personal choices and that our investment choices are an important part of that co-creation.